Feb 14

There’s No Doubt Mark Sanchez Caused Mike Tannenbaum’s Firing

Former New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum said something interesting on Valentine’s Day regarding his recent firing. Tannenbaum said that the fact he signed Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez to a hefty extension was the primary reason he got the boot. Folks, we have a genius on our hands. Tannenbaum’s new nickname is “Captain Obvious.”

Why in the world Tannenbaum even considered signing Sanchez to a five-year, $58.5 million deal after the 2011 season is beyond bizarre. It’s like Tannenbaum had never seen Sanchez play or looked at his stats. New York was coming of an 8-8 season in which Sanchez threw for career highs in yardage (3,474), touchdowns (26) and interceptions (18). He completed only 56 percent of his passes and recorded a passer rating of 78. Does that sounds like a signal-caller who deserved over $10 million per year?

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