Feb 28

First Look At How The NFL Combine Affected Player Rankings

Right at the snap, let me say that draft projections by media outlets may have absolutely nothing to do with how the Dallas Cowboys or any other team will rank players on their own draft board. I know that as well as you do. However, there clearly were some fairly significant changes in the perceptions of a lot of players at the NFL Combine. Some names that have been getting a lot of attention here as likely picks for the Cowboys in the first or second round may now be out of range one way or another, while others look to be much more likely.

CBS Sports has a new player ranking from NFLDraftScout.com up today that I am using. To narrow things down, I am going to focus on the positions that are most likely to be of interest for the Cowboys: DL, OLB (either as a SAM or to convert to 4-3 DE) OL, and S.