Mar 06

Duke’s Seth Curry has model, ex Tar Heels dancer girlfriend (gallery)

Senior Duke Blue Devils guard Seth Curry has quite the girlfriend in Anastasia Simone Carrillo, a former UNC dancer, who also happens to be a model. You can follow Anastasia Simone on Twitter here

Seth Curry dating a former North Carolina cheerleader (and we don’t mean one that works for ESPN) I guess this the college basketball rivalry equivalent of Alabama QB A.J. McCarron dating Auburn graduate Katherine Webb. Makes perfect sense as they’re both models. Besides if you’re basing relationships on where your partner went to school/who their favorite teams are, you need to GROW UP AND GET A LIFE. Look at Illini Coach John Groce, he’s quite happy with Indiana Hoosiers wife. But enough about Seth Curry and his ilk. You didn’t come here for Seth Curry.

Let’s get to the Seth Curry girlfriend pics. That’s why you’re here