Mar 07

Top 50 NFL Free Agents of 2013 Class

The 2013 NFL free agent class is one of the most intriguing in recent memory because of several high-profile players who were not expected to be a part of it. Receivers, cornerbacks and offensive linemen are extremely deep this year and there will be a ton of huge contracts given on March 12 when the free agency period begins. Many of the players who get those big contracts will be well-known guys who may not necessarily deserve the money, but will be given it nonetheless for their star power alone, if nothing else. There will be others who receive big deals who deserve it, even though their names might not be as well-known as others. Even still, there will be some who get hefty contracts who absolutely do not deserve it in any shape, form or fashion but they’ll get them regardless. Those of you who root for teams with such moronic ownership know who you are.

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