Mar 13

Can you lose your title defense before you enter the fight?


Is it possible to lose your shot at repeating in the off-season?

“Champions are forever”

Think about that quote for a minute, champions are forever. While it’s true in the sense that 2012-2013 Baltimore Ravens will always be able to say they were Super Bowl Champions in 2013, it may not be true in the sense that the Ravens will always be champions of the NFL.

Now it’s obvious that one team can’t win the Super Bowl every year. We all know that. That’s why only seven of the previous forty-six champions before the Ravens repeated as champs the next year. Most of them weren’t even considered the favorites to win the title the next year. I know I picked the Patriots to win this Super Bowl this year, not the defending champion Giants.

However, it is looking more and more like the Ravens have given up their chance to defend their title. Six months before the season has even started.


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