Mar 13

NFL Draft Net: Free Agency-Trades-Changing NFL Draft Team Needs

Free Agency is off and running in the NFL for 2013. Between the players choosing new homes and teams dealing in trades, the 2013 NFL Draft team needs are changing by the hour. Let’s have a look at some fo the early moves that will be shaking up the draft boards and mock drafts in the coming weeks.

Mike Wallace to Miami

As suspected, the Dolphins have obtained the services of Speedy Mike Wallace in Free Agency. This will give the fins a legit threat to help their young QB. We have mocked WR to the Dolphins in half of our updates. In the next update we will be going back to our first two mocks of the year and looking at Offensive Tackle as Jake Long is on his way out.

Our current two round Mock Draft will be updated soon, with the addition of the third round.

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