Mar 16

Christmas Abbott – NASCAR’s Sexy Real Pioneer

Her name is Christmas Abbott – and ‘no’ that’s not a typographical error.

It’s no secret that Danica Patrick occupies much of NASCAR’s publicity and headlines, perhaps a bit too much given the relation of publicity garnered to actual performance – in short, victories – but there’s another NASCAR participant who has captured the headlines as an even more improbable pioneer.

Christmas Abbott, who had previously become a CrossFit video sensation, was signed by Michael Waltrip’s NASCAR racing team as a full-time member of its pit crew, thus becoming the first woman to labor in the NASCAR pits at their highest level.

To be certain, this is no mere publicity stunt:* Abbott rightly earned the spot. She can toss around tires half her size, and she can bolt them on to the racer at breakneck speed which is particularly impressive for a rookie. *NASCAR officials at first thought that she was trying to become part of the Waltrip pit crew as part of a publicity stunt, but once they saw what she was capable of, they knew she could not only handle it, but become a valuable member of the pit crew.