Jun 08

Mighty Fantasy Football League-A Season in the Life

ffballEvery fantasy football league starts somewhere. The Mighty Fantasy Football League starts here. Fantasy Football at Sports Jabber is not a new thing. However, the approach that is taken at the game in 2013 will be. We feel a little like this is a new beginning, going back to the original intentions and vision of fantasy football when Sports Jabber formed in late 2008. We don’t want people to feel like they are just playing in another fantasy football league, so why paint it to look like one?

This season we are excited about  stepping up the fun in fantasy football, beyond the scores. Let the imaginations run a little bit, talk about it, write about, interact, develop some loathing for league mates that will wear with time, fuel some rivalries.

With the new beginning, we thought it would be a good time to start a little “Year in the life” type series.Since it will be hard enough to get people to care about someone else’s fantasy football league, we will spare the year-round thing and go with the season. Watch as the league takes shape and the season plays out. There will be laughter, there will be pain, if at all possible no animals will be hurt in the creation of this series.

So a season in the life of the Mighty Fantasy Football League…starting now.

As mentioned above, in the last week the vision of fantasy football has changed at Sports Jabber. The change began as a formation of a rulebook so that as the usual yahoo leagues were put together, there was some idea of just how things are going to be to eliminate confusion and bickering. A common issue from year to year is the formation of more than one league. When Sports Jabber’s Wonder Woman, Deb, posed the thought of using MyFantasyLeague.com as a possibility I gave her a mental high five that she doesn’t even know happened.

I’m a big fan of MyFantasyLeague.com and their product. I have been commissionaire over several leagues there over the years and it offers the best experience by far in my opinion. one feature that made it an attractive idea outside of the obvious customization and bells and whistles is the ability to upgrade to a deluxe league so you can run more than one league (conference). For example, we can have a player pool in each, just like running two separate leagues somewhere else, only under the same umbrella of a league.

If you have never checked out MFL, I highly recommend it. They make it easy to switch your league over from a free service, including year-to-year history. Referral is not the intention of this mention, but if you do decide to purchase a league, please help us out by entering league #58262 when you sign up. You can create a league for nothing before buying to see what it is like, but early bird discounts run out next week.

Back to the Mighty Fantasy Football League. Let’s talk a little about the name. the use of “Mighty” is a hat tip to one of our late founding fathers at Sports Jabber, Reg Devone. Mighty is a moniker Reg would put in front of the name of his personal favorites in sports. when creating the league at MFL.com, a name had to be entered and Mighty Fantasy Football League came to mind as he has used something close to distinguish his league at Sports Jabber in the past. To take the tribute a step further, when thinking of conference names, the names Lakeshow (Lakers) and Starboys (Cowboys) came to mind. These were Reg’s Mighty teams.

So, aside from the names, the league is in its infant stages. The 24 team league (two separate player pools split into 12 team conferences) is forming, with about half of the slots filled. Interested members can SIGN UP HERE. The only fee is to be a registered member at the forums.

Right now we are currently voting on who the “Cover” stars should be that will appear on the league banner. At this time Adrian Peterson and Calvin Johnson appear to be running away with it. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

Check back for riveting updates in the Season in the Life of the Mighty Fantasy Football League!

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