Jun 10

The Sports Bank.net: Kate Upton has jumped the shark; no longer SEO Gold


More than likely, Kate Upton will never again tweet a selfie featuring a shot glass in between her boobs. And that’s unfortunate. We can say with near certainty that Kate Upton will never tweet again how much the New York Jets (led by her ex-boyfriend Mark Sanchez) suck at football. Or joke about how bad Notre Dame got destroyed by Alabama. And that’s too bad. She won’t be doing any sexy dances courtside in a NBA arena in the near future. Que Lastima!

If she does date any more MLB Cy Young Award winners, her handlers will make sure we don’t get knowledge of it. So that’s a bummer too.

Sadly, the days of Kate Upton being interesting are long over. Which means her popularity has also plateaued. And it only goes downhill from here. From early 2011 to about March 2013, any time Kate Upton did well, anything at all, it was worth throwing a quick post up about it. She was simply search engine gold.

Today, not so much.

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