Jun 11

BTB: Dallas Cowboys With Too Many “Dumb Penalties” in 2012?

NCAA Football: Miami at Georgia Tech

The Penalty Tracker at NFLPenalties.com lists 53 different penalties that were called at one point in the league over the last four years. According to that tracker, the Dallas Cowboys committed 23 different penalties last year, and over the season accumulated 118 penalty calls.

Most of the analyses of penalties you’ve seen probably only looked at the penalty total and perhaps the penalty yardage, with a ranking of the worst transgressors. Occasionally, you might have seen somebody pull up a stat that ranked a given team by the number of specific penalties, like offensive holding or false start, the two most frequent penalties in the NFL. But you’ve probably not seen many analyses that went beyond that, and the reason is fairly simple: with the multitude of different penalties, you quickly get bogged down in endless details as you examine each penalty, and that’s before you even start to consider sample size issues.
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