Jun 13

Carla the Viking: Twitter Talk 6/12/13


Hey all, back to business after a busy day of being excited over Kenechi Udezi!

First, just wanted to mention the Minnesota Vikings and the Vikings Children’s Fund hit the golf course today for another charity fundraiser.  Christian Ponder was quoted as saying it’s easy for the players to turn up and play golf, and that it’s really the people who paid to be there who deserve the credit, to which I say, well said Christian!  Still, I imagine people wouldn’t be quite as eager to pay to play if the Vikings didn’t turn up (and over 30 did), so I take off my hat to the Vikings who went out to ensure a good turnout for the fans and a good payout for the kids.

As for the rumors that TO will be joining us, please give me a minute to laugh hysterically!  Anyone with even a single eye can see that what Spielman is gunning for is youth, and his sole nod to experience is fully fleshed out in Greg Jennings, who I might add, is doing an excellent job mentoring Cordarrelle Patterson already.


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