Jun 21

NFL Gossip


Quick post on the noise around the NFL this week:

Biggest story of course, is Aaron Hernandez.  I’m so ticked off at him!  He’s a fantastic player, I don’t remember him getting in trouble as a Gator (although this story of him shooting some idiot in a Floridian nightclub has come up awfully conveniently, no?) and all he had to do was keep his nose clean and NOT get involved with thuggish idiots, and now look what’s happened.
Smashing your phone and home security system are pretty stupid (although, to be fair, when people accuse me of crap I didn’t do, I feel like smashing stuff myself) and now it’s earned him an arrest warrant.  Dumbass.  Just a few months away from the new season and getting to work with Tebow again…oy.

Tyrann Matthieu, the Honeybadger, tweeted earlier today that although no one has seen him play for a year he’s definitely back.  I want to laugh, but as a Gator, I saw more than I wanted to of Matthieu and that’s no joke.

Brandon Burton is in Cancun of all places.  Broseph had better be careful what he eats, because we don’t want him losing conditioning due to food poisoning!

Finally, in other sporting news:
I don’t care how many Gators love them, I HATE the Heat.  And now I’m mad at the Spurs for losing.

Bah, humbug!


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