Jun 26

Carla The Viking: NFL Off-Topic


Also a quick note to say how terribly disappointed I am in Aaron Hernandez.  I fully believe that one is innocent until proven guilty, but it is not looking good for his innocence right now.  As a Florida Gator, and a football fan in general I’m devastated.  It’s bad for the Gator Nation, and really bad for all the kids out there who idolized Hernandez.  Murder is not okay, and if he did do it, and gets away with it, it’s a terrible message to America’s youth.

On one of the sports boards I’m a member of, a troll posted “Is it time to shut the NFL down?”  I know you’re not supposed to feed the trolls, but I simply couldn’t resist, especially after he said the NBA wasn’t a bad example the way the NFL “is”.

I replied:
32 teams – final 53 man roster with an 8 man practice squad
total # of players: 1952

30 teams – final 15 man roster with occasional exemptions when 3 or more players are injured
total # of players: 450


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