Jun 27

Carla The Viking: NFL OT: More Hernandez


According to Adam Schefter on Twitter, “Boston PD has located red SUV it was looking for as identified in July 2012 homicide. Aaron Hernandez rented it.”

I’m going to call Hernandez preeeetty much screwed out of ever seeing outside prison walls again, let alone playing any football.

Frankly, I’m disgusted.  Now it’s coming out that Hernandez was not only a member of “The Latin Kings” (apparently they’re pretty notorious in South Florida), but was doing “all sorts of shady stuff” while at Florida that the staff covered up or suppressed.  I’ve had enough of coaching staffs letting crap slide because a guy is talented.  Florida coaches, do you WANT us to be the next Penn State?  Is one of the Latin Kings’ victims buried in the endzone at Ben Hill Griffin?


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