Jun 28

Celtics Trade Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to the Nets… What Now?

Excuse the following post if it’s written sloppily (hell, they are all written sloppily, but at least I can wrap the posts up lookin’ real nice and purrrdy with the “sugarcoating the shit” ritual). I’m extremely tired, but I figured I’d attempt to piece together some thoughts.

Long-term, this should be good for the Boston Celtics. Let’s see here: three first round picks just to toss away two fading stars. That sounds like a grisly way to sum it all up, but it’s true: Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce belong in “Troy Sparks’ top 5 all-time favorite basketball players” list, but make no mistake about it I have no problem talking about the sports world objectively (as long as it’s not about the Greatest Show on Turf AKA the St. Louis Rams of the early 2000s), and the truth here is — the object truth and not a pun for Paul Pierce’s nickname — that Garnett and Pierce are about finished.

Bold bet/statement of mine: the Brooklyn Nets won’t win a title with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett on their team. If they do, I’ll delete TSTOS forever. This actually isn’t much of a bold bet/statement. Kevin Garnett is 37 (and age doesn’t work well with big dudes) and Paul Pierce will be 36 by the time the NBA season starts. Joe Johnson is overrated. And the only player I really think is truly worth a damn (outside of the names Piece and Garnett) on the Brooklyn Nets is Deron Williams. Brook Lopez? Oh, please. Get this guy with a girl’s name outta the league. Not tough enough, not ferocious enough. He’s a wimp in a basketball jersey. I beg of you, fuck off.


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