Jul 04

Fantasy Football Mock Draft #1

ffballIn my first fantasy football mock draft of the season, I slotted myself at the #8 spot. In this spot I hope to find out what Running Back is still available, and whether or not I will face the dilemma of Charles Johnson coming up as my best available in the first round. With RB being scarce, I really don’t want to go WR that early.

I’m also looking at holding off on QB-TE until the 4th round or later.

Fantasy Football Mock Draft #1 Eight Pick

1.8- Jamaal Charles, RB, Chiefs (1.4 ADP): I was looking at Charles Johnson, thinking I was going to have to make that decision, but the team in front of me made my choice easier. Charles should be an exciting option this season. I may be able to get A.J. Green in the second.

2.5- Chris Johnson, RB,  Titans (2.05 ADP): I honestly don’t remember when I last went RB-RB in a fantasy football draft. Green is gone, Julio Jones is there. However, with RB being so scarce, this can be a solid advantage. I’ll look for Roddy White in round 3.


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