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Current Top 10 | Fantasy Football 2 Scoops

This week’s question for the Fantasy Football 2 Scoops from Larry and Lee comes from DCoach_R from the Sports Jabber Forums.

Who would you place as your top ten picks in this years FF draft listing?

Larry’s Top Ten
My strategy is clear this year. Get yourself a stud Runningback early. This did taint my top ten. I did consider Megatron and Discount Double Check Boy but after looking at value, I went with all Runningbacks. Here is my list.
Lee’s Top Ten
Running Backs are scarce in 2013, causing them to dominate the Top 10 Rankings. There is value in one player that goes against the grain though, and that is with Calvin Johnson. Getting him in the late first round where his ADP lands him can still put you in position to get a decent RB on the swing back.
1) Adrian Peterson: He is a 28 year old and he is in his prime. He overcame a knee surgery and only rushed for 2097 yards last season and 12 touchdowns. He received another 217 yards and 1 touchdown. Peterson has been a stud since the moment he stepped foot in Minnesota. 1) Adrian Peterson: There will be some that say he isn’t #1, but few would have the guts not to take him. Remember that he started slow in the first part of the season in 2012. By slow, I mean that they held his carries back. He is full bore out of the gate in 2013.
2) Arian Foster: He is my second selection or as I refer to him my 1B. You can argue that Foster should be the number 1 pick. He is a couple years younger than Peterson. He rushed for 1424 yards and 15 touchdowns. He had 2 receiving touchdowns and another 217 yards rushing last season. He has been more consistent over the last few years and is less of an injury threat. 2) Doug Martin: Martin was my 4-5th round target in all my drafts last year and it payed off when I got him. Not going to happen this year. He had 12 games of 18 or more carries and two or more receptions in all but one game. now they are ready to give him the ball full time. Cha-ching.
3) Ray Rice: He sits at #3 on my board. He is stud in the passing game and the running game. With the loss of some of their receivers, I believe the running game will be a much greater focus this season. I look for a return to his 2011 numbers. 3)Arian Foster: The number three spot would be pretty sweet knowing you get one of these three. Foster’s O-line was called into question last season, and it doesn’t look much different this year. Regardless, he will make a fantasy owner feel comfortable with his first round pick.
4) Marshawn Lynch: Lynch has finally met his potential in Seattle. He is 27 and rushed for almost 1,600 yards with 11 touchdowns. Lynch will remain a key cog into the Seattle’s high powered offense. 4)Jamaal Charles: Don’t believe that this offense belongs to anyone more than Jamaal Charles in 2013. Charles has the potential to be top dog this year, especially in PPR. However, I’m always more likely to side with what I already know as far as how players performed under their current coach. With that, I would love him at #4.
5) Jamaal Charles: Charles’ 1,500 yards after surgery would seem really impressive if Peterson had rushed for over 2,000. Charles is the key player in the Chief’s offense. They should be vastly improved in the passing game and this should free Charles to rush even more. 5) Ray Rice: Rice has 250+ rushes in all but his rookie season and he has topped 70 receptions twice. He looks to give up some of those touches this season to Bernard Pierce. I don’t think of the touches he will miss as much as how fresh he will be on the touches he gets. Scary.
6) Doug Martin: Martin had a fantastic rookie year. He scored 11 rushing touchdowns and ran for 1454 yards. He should be able to continue this level of play in his sophomore season and improve these numbers. 6) Calvin Johnson: Yes, RBs are scarce this season, but eventually you have to look at who is going to score you points. We are at a point in the first round where taking a RB instead of Johnson is simply going to score you less points overall. I look at the Rbs available scoring 40+ points less than Johnson
7) Alfred Morris: No one was more surprised by Morris last year than me. I had him on my sleeper list and in one league he saved my bacon. I never dreamed he would rush for 1600 yards and 13 TDs. I think his number will have a slight drop but still a top rusher. 7) CJ Spiller: This could be the season that we finally see what Spiller is all about. Word is that they are going to finally just give him the ball, as well as line him up in the slot. That sounds fun, huh?
8) C.J. Spiller: Spiller had to wait two seasons for a chance to start since Buffalo had Fred Jackson. With Jackson’s knee injury, Spiller shined as a starter. He rushed for 1244 yards but only 6 TDs. I would look for an increase in touchdowns and about the same yards. I know Fred Jackson is back but Spiller is not giving up the starter role. I look for Spiller to have several huge runs and if over 50 yard rushes give you bonus, then Spiller will be a steal. 8) LeSean McCoy: If it were not for that whole “we don’t know what we are going to get with the new coach” thing, McCoy would be higher. He could be a steal in the late first round.
9) LeSean McCoy: McCoy had a fantastic 2011 but followed it up with a disappointing 2012. I think the real McCoy (pun intended) is somewhere near the middle. I would look for 1100 yards and 9-12 TDs. 9) Trent Richardson: You don’t hear this about a Cleveland Brown very often, but Richardson is the real deal. I love his potential in the passing game as a bonus. I look for numbers to go up this season.
10) Trent Richardson: Richardson had a solid rookie year but nothing near Martin’s year. His 11 TDs are great but he had just less than a 1000 yards rushing. I look for Richard to become the focal point of the Brown’s offense. He should easily top 1000 yards and still get double digit TDs. 10) Alfred Morris: Morris was a monster the last few weeks of the fantasy football regular season, and then in the playoffs. I don’t know why I have him so low. I guess I’m still not over how quick Shanahan can switch backs from back in the day.
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