Jul 09

Dez Bryant Will Not Become Aaron Hernandez


I subscribe to Dez Bryant. I believe in him. Strongly.

Schemes will not stop Dez Bryant. Nor will defensive backs or coordinators. The only thing that can stop Dez Bryant are the 10 yards in front of him. And at this time, I feel pretty good he can handle that much.

Dez Bryant’s future rests in his hands. Literally. He is the only one that can stop himself. At this moment, I’d like to wish the defensive backs and coordinators the best of luck. They will need it.

Because Dez Bryant is about to tear the NFL into pieces.

With Aaron Hernandez pleading not guilty to a first-degree murder charge, the NFL “image” siren is in full blast. With other odd behavior and arrests among NFL players as of late, this comes as no surprise.

But there is a solution to the “image” problem. I point to Dez Bryant. You want a story, an example, a rehabilitated citizen in this league?

Dez Bryant.