Jul 17

Reaper: I am sports blessed beyond all dreams.


I am sports blessed beyond all dreams. I’ve shared my moment with my sons as the Giants won Super Bowl XLVI and now as a Mets fan I got to share the All-Star game at Citi Field where Mets starting pitcher Matt Harvey started the game as well as Mets third basemen David Wright who served as the unofficial Ambassador to MLB and the New York Mets this past week.

We were lucky to participate in the All Star Fan Fest at Jacob Javits Center and soak up all the activities and energy. We watched the Homerun Derby where my oldest son went crazy with each homer smashed. Then last night as I tried to explain how historic this event was for MLB and the New York Mets, my sons eyes were just wide open soaking in everything I said. I’m not a huge fan of the All-Star game but this one was different, this one was special, it was in my favorite teams park and my guys were shining all week long.

Matt Harvey started the All-Star game and it seemed his nerves got the best of him at first but he settled himself down and got out of trouble in the first inning after scaring Yankees Nation by hitting Robinson Cano which forced him out of the game. Harvey pitched two innings, struckout three (Miguel Cabrera, Jose Bautista and Adam Jones) gave up just one hit and shutout the American League All-Stars. David Wright went 1 for 3 and had one of just three hits the National League All-Stars were able to get but the job he did the entire week showed that David Wright is to the Mets as Derek Jeter is to the Yankees. The Mets were a class act buy playing Sweet Caroline a Boston Red Sox staple and for hitting Enter the Sandman when Mariano Rivera entered the game, and allowing him to have his moment in New York City where the fans could express their thanks was beyond awesome and special. This All-Star game will live forever in my mind for many reasons and it could be the very game that has drawn my son into the sports world for good! Memories are more special then anything in life and as I stated earlier I’ve been blessed with two wonderful sons and wonderful sports memories with my boys!


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