Aug 07

QUICK OUT: Traffic Light Analysis of The Dallas Cowboys


The 2013 NFL season is still like a newborn babe but already we are seeing some Cowboys’ trends that are worth noting.  For simplicity, I’ve put these into green, yellow, and red buckets – like a traffic light.  Green is good, yellow is caution, and red is danger.  Lots more good than bad for once!


  1. The Cowboys got through game one of the preseason without any serious injuries; basically none of the starters played (except along the offensive line) so they were never in jeopardy, but depth is critical in the modern NFL and we could not afford to lose any 2s or 3s either.  Matt Johnson dinged an ankle and Ben Bass tweaked a knee but it does not sound like either of those are too serious.
  2. I’m a huge fan after one preseason game of the new play calling system implemented by Bill Callahan.  It has clearly sped up the offensive pace.  I think the days of Tony Romo barking out line calls and getting players into their right positions only to snap the ball with one second left on the play clock are gone.  Defensive linemen don’t always watch the play clock but when you do it as often as the Cowboys have over the last few seasons, they start to get that timing down pat.