Aug 14

AmazinBlue: Pre-Season Football “Blues”


I usually do not attend pre-season games, most of the starters do not play and the cost of tickets are crazy.

So I got fee tickets from a friend to go to a pre season Lions game. Since my son has never been I thought why not there free so we decide to go. After fighting traffic for 45 minutes we finally get to where we can start looking for somewhere to park. The first lot not to far from the field is $50, ok that’s not going to happen so I drive a little further, $40 parking nope not happening. 8 blocks away I finally decide I either park or go back home and walk from there, so I pay $30 for a lot where I get stuck bumper to bumper and there is no way I’m getting out of here early if I need to.
Finally heading the field, after a 30 min. security check I’m inside. Son wants snacks, ok, nachos and pretzel and a coke $20.

Game ends and were both hungry, while walking back to car we decide to stop in pizza joint $30.

Moral of the story free is never free, my free was $80 for pre season but on the bright side we won and got to spend time together.


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