Aug 16

The Sports Bank.net: Cubs legend Ryne Sandberg to manage the Philadelphia Phillies

Ryne Sandberg is finally getting his chance to be a big league manager. Not with the Chicago Cubs like he originally had hoped, the team with which he had a legendary career as a player, but with the Philadelphia Phillies instead.

You might recall the Phillies were the team Ryne Sandberg broke into the Majors with. In one of the best trades in Cub history, Sandberg was traded for Ivan DeJesus. For Chicago, it was the anti- Lou Brock for Broglio deal.

Anyways, the Phillies will soon officially announce that Charlie Manuel will be relieved of duty in a press conference later today.

Manuel won 780 games with the team, most in franchise history. Numerous sources have pegged Ryne Sandberg as the successor; at least in the interim. “Ryno” worked his way through the ranks as a manager within the Cubs minor league system, and he’ll get his shot at managing at the MLB level in Wrigley Field Aug 30th-September 1st when the Phillies visit Chicago.