Sep 02

The Landry Hat: Cowboys Fan Getting Ready for Gameday


The NFL preseason has finally been put to bed and the Dallas Cowboys are busy game planning for their season opener against the New York Football Giants. I don’t know about y’all, but this Cowboys fan has a little work to do to get her house in order before the 2013 season kicks off that involves the kitchen, couch and closet.

Let’s start with the most important room…besides the one with the tv, of course…the kitchen. Since I don’t feel comfortable eating during Cowboys games, we in the Garrett household have to plan our mealtimes around Dallas’ Sunday schedule. If they play early, dunch (a combo of breakfast and lunch) is served before kickoff. If a late start is on tap for the ‘Boys, we opt for linner (which is, you guessed it, a combination of lunch and dinner). Depending on whether my hubby is in the mood to grill or smoke Sunday’s fare, breaking out this football lovin’ chick’s best friend…the crock pot…might be in order. This week I plan to bring it back to its standard football Sunday position on the counter top for ready access. It goes without saying that starting the day with a cop of java in my favorite Dallas Cowboys mug is a must while watching pregame festivities, so it will be placed front and center on the shelf  for opening day. I have found that it is always important to eat something blue before the Cowboys’ games. Therefore having that staple “melt in your mouth, not in your hand” candy well stocked so I can pick out the ones of that most sacred of colors is a must.  Because a little something sweet is never a bad thing, I like baking a batch of  blue velvet cupcakes for the Cowboys games. The year Dallas went all the way to the playoffs before that ill-fated hold in Seattle, I served them for desert every Sunday of the season. This year, diet’s be darned, they are back on the menu!