Sep 24



While this is a competition, remember to keep it fun for all playing.

For those of you new to Swami, a little background, to the seasoned vets get your Swami game faces on.

1. Picks MUST be in BEFORE kickoff of the first game. If a game is on a Thursday and your picks are not in by that games kickoff, your picks WILL NOT count for that week.

2.the Tiebreaker will decide all ties, closest without going over wins.

3. You can join at any time during the season, so if you miss a week, you’re still welcome to join in.

4. There will be two winners at the end of the season. Overall winner (total season points) and weekly winner chosen randomly from a hat containing all weekly winners throughout the season.
Both will receive a gift certificate from lids.com

5. Jerry will tally and post the overall standings and weekly winners, by Wednesday evening each week. If the standings will be late, we will post when they will be up in this forum.

6. Any questions, please PM Jerry. lets keep the pickem and standings threads as clean as can be.

Put on your swami hat and get those predictions in.
The only way to lose is by not playing at all. By far one of the most popular features at SJ and we’re looking forward to another great season.


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