Dec 12

LewPBlog:Super Bowl ads: E-Trade baby, GoDaddy Girls, Jared out


Super Bowl viewers may notice something missing during the commercial breaks this year: famous icons.

At least three familiar advertising icons from past Super Bowls — the E-Trade baby, the GoDaddy Girls and Subway’s Jared — will not show up this go-round. E-Trade announced Thursday that it’s out of the game and Subway also said weeks ago that it’s focusing on the Winter Olympics, instead. GoDaddy is back in, but it’s ads will go a totally different direction and nix the sexy gals.

“We may notice the changing of an era in Super Bowl advertising at some point, but this probably isn’t it,” says Robert Thompson, pop culture professor at Syracuse University. “They all will be replaced by a long, long line of people willing to get into the one tent that includes 110 million viewers.”

While some viewers may take note of the absence of the E-Trade baby, the GoDaddy Girls and even Jared, while watching the Feb. 2 game broadcast on Fox, they won’t necessarily be clamoring for their return, says Thompson. “They’re not the Clydesdales,” says Thompson, in reference to the high-stepping Budweiser horses that have showed in Super Bowl ads for years


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