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Mar 06

Puck Daddy: Homophobic kiss-cam joke sparks outrage in U.K. hockey league

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David Simms is an executive for the Sheffield Steelers for the Elite Ice Hockey League in the U.K., and also the team’s PA announcer. At a game last Saturday, they fired up the kiss-cam — which, as an arena gimmick, is more trouble than it’s worth — and the camera panned by two men kissing. …

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Mar 05

Trump Talks Legalizing Sports Betting: “We Wouldn’t Do It Lightly.”


Sounds like a natural progression, right? Former casino owner, business wheeler and dealer Donald J Trump now is the 45th president of the United States. Will he finally be the one to overturn a 25 year old ban known as the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA). In a nutshell, it prohibits …

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Jan 22

Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura killed in car crash


Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura was killed in car accident Sunday in the Dominican Republic. He was 25. Dominican national police colonel Jacobo Mateo Moquete identified the victim of a fatal crash as Ventura. Ventura’s death comes on the same day former Indians infielder Andy Marte was killed in a car crash in the Dominican. The …

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Dec 02

Belichick on playing without Gronkowski: We’ll do what we do every week


Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is having back surgery on Friday and his family released a statement through the team saying that they expect Gronkowski will miss the rest of the regular season. Patriots coach Bill Belichick didn’t add much information on top of that statement during his Friday press conference. Belichick said “we’re all …

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Oct 20

Dale Earnhardt Jr. to be in NBC booth for Talladega and Martinsville

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Junior will serve as a guest analyst for NBC during their coverage of Talladega on Sunday and next week’s race at Martinsville. “I’m excited to see these races from a different vantage point and hopefully offer some insight to the viewers,” Earnhardt said in a statement. “I thoroughly enjoyed my opportunity to broadcast the Xfinity …

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Oct 07

10 Friday questions 10/7


  1. Once you fall asleep at nite, do you sleep all the way thru or do you wake up during the nite, and estimate of how many times you wake up. 2. What do you like the least…snakes or spiders? 3. What is your favorite TV show of the moment? 4. What is your …

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Sep 25

The Sports Chelsea FC Looking to Send Cesc Fabregas to West Ham?


Back in May, we received word that Chelsea were looking to offload Cesc Fabregas.*This notification came via email from a people claiming to be a member of the Chelsea board, but lacking any sort of verifiable status that he in fact held the position he claimed. That highly questionable source told The Sports Bank of …

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Aug 17

Jeff Fisher Not Perturbed by Jared Goff’s Poor Debut for Rams


Jared Goff has made it known that he intends to challenge to become the starter by the time the Rams open the season against the San Francisco 49ers. It won’t come as a surprise to NFL betting predictions enthusiasts when the Rams rookie quarterback receives an upgrade this week (against the Kansas City Chiefs). Jared …

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Aug 16

Who Will Win The 2016-17 Stanley Cup?


Ready to bet on the 2016-17 Stanley Cup winner? Let us be your guiding light and take our futures NHL advice so you make the right wager and win big. A year ago, would you have picked the Pittsburgh Penguins to win the 2015-16 Stanley Cup title? Sure you would have. Just like you had …

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Aug 01

Will The Windians Make the World Series?


Over a million Clevelanders crammed into downtown for the Cavs parade, celebrating something the they knew very little about: a title. It was an unrecognizable scene inside a city well-studied in sporting pain, where a drive here, a seeing-eye single there and “The Shot” once added up to 147 seasons passed without a championship. Now …

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