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Jan 27

10 Friday Questions 1/27


1. Where is your dream vacation destination? 2. Falcons or Patriots? 3. What would be the hardest thing for you to give up? 4. Do you like spicy food? What spicy dishes do you like? 5. Are you usually late, early or on time? 6. What was the last thing you ate? 7. Do you …

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Jan 22

The Sports Best Signs of Women’s March Chicago (PHOTOS)


No matter who you are, or what kind of campaign you ran, your assumption to the presidency will most likely be protested. When you seize White House despite winning over 27% of eligible voters, AND lose the popular vote by 2,864,974 votes, there’s going to be a LOT of people protesting your inauguration. Thus, Women’s …

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Sep 11

15 years since 9/11


Ask an American where he or she was when the Towers fell, and you’ll most likely get a reply with no hesitation. For people who were part of one of America’s darkest days, the answers follow somber reflection. Words are chosen carefully, and the anguish of 15 years ago comes through in quiet and sometimes …

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May 13

10 Friday Questions 5/13


1. Are you superstitious? 2. How many of the Friday the 13th movies have you seen? 3. What is your favorite movie theater snack? 4. Who is gonna win the NBA Championship? 5. What was the last thing that you fixed? 6. Who in the movie business seems the most down to earth? 7. Shark …

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Sep 10

10 Friday Questions 9/11


  1. What were doing when you heard about 9/11? 2. Who is the biggest ass in the NFL right now? 3. What is the temp where you are right now? 4. Country in Europe you’d like to visit? 5. Who at SJ deserves their own reality TV Show? 6. Best helmet in the NFL? …

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Jul 22

The Sports Jaws coming to life off Cape Cod, Summer of sharks II


2001 was deemed summer of sharks; at least according to Time magazine. I know, younger readers are like “what’s a magazine?” There were four or five shark attacks that year which got a lot of press. That’s still very very low, and the percentage of sharks that have been know to attack man is miniscule. …

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Sep 19

USC Responds With 35-7 Drubbing of Boston College

It was a tough seven days for the Southern California football program. The home opening loss to Washington State wasn’t easy to swallow, and following days were spent absorbing shots from the media, who mercilessly took aim and fired at will. Only two games into the season, USC found itself in an odd predicament. The …

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Aug 14

2013 NFL Swami Pick em contest

Jon(Reveryroadie) Will be Running the NFL Swami this year. Please Give him your patience and full support. While this is a competition, remember to keep it fun for all playing. For those of you new to Swami, a little background, to the seasoned vets get your Swami game faces on. 1. Picks MUST be in …

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Nov 10

Fantasy Football: Who to Start/Sit in NFL Week 10?


Week 10 of the fantasy football season in the NFL is often considered the beginning of the home-stretch for owners. Whether you’re fighting for a playoff place, battling it out for seeding or holding off challengers just to be involved in the postseason, notching another win this week is vital. Here are four tips to …

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Sep 13 Cowboys vs. Seahawks


Dallas backed up all the trash talk from the offseason last week, as they beat the defending champions Giants to gain some revenge. However, one win is not impressive over the course of an entire NFL season, and now the Boys have to get ready for another tough road game. This time, it’s a trip …

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