Dec 18

Cutler Needs to Step Up Or Move Aside

The Chicago Bears may be looking for a new quarterback in the offseason after Jay Cutler once again performed below expectations in his side’s 21-13 defeat to Green Bay last weekend.

Cutler made the sports betting news by being sacked four times, and threw a game-losing pass straight to the Packers defence. He has been picked off 17 times by the Green Bay throughout his career, 10 coming in the past five games.

The 29-year-old did produce the goods early in the game, finding Brandon Marshall for a 15-yard touchdown as the Bears took a 7-0 lead in the first quarter. Yet his day would finish in disaster as he threw a game-losing pass straight down Packers cornerback Casey Hayward’s throat. Two minutes later and Green Bay were in the lead.

Cutler looked furious on the sideline as he hollered abuse at anyone within his immediate vicinity. Before the snap on their own 37, it was clear he expected Devin Hester to drop deep, away from Hayward, and take the ball. Cutler threw blind, assuming his man was there, only to see Hayward appear with five yards of space to swallow his loose pass. The cornerback took it down to the Bears’ 24 line and QB Aaron Rodgers did the rest – making yards before playing a neat ball to James Jones to make it 14-7 Packers.

It was disappointing yet not too unsurprising that Cutler threw away the game. As the bet365 site explains, he’s averaged an interception per game this season and has only completed 59% of attempted passes. With the Bears 8-6 they have no chance of a playoff place and have the 29th best passing yards average in the NFL.

After four years with the Bears maybe it is time for Cutler to move on and give someone else a try. Sunday’s game saw him make just 135 yards against a good but not superior Packers defence and he must either improve in the remaining season or risk losing his place in the side.

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