Jul 31

Puck Daddy: Seven other things the NFL should totally steal from the NHL

New York Jets v New England Patriots

It’s said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so the National Hockey League should be blushing intensely right now. The National Football League has decided their crap-tastic all-star game needed a new format, so it’s borrowed the NHL’s “fantasy draft” idea for the Pro Bowl.

From Shutdown Corner:

The traditional AFC vs. NFC matchup has been eliminated. It will be replaced by a fantasy-style draft, with captains Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders, Pro Bowl team captains and two NFL.com fantasy football champions picking the two teams from a pool of players that was voted in, the NFL said. ESPN was first to report the format change.

First, let’s applaud the idea that two fans will get some input in choosing these teams, even if it’s symbolic. That’s pretty sweet. But Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders helping the team captains? Snore. If you need some added star power in AN ALL-STAR GAME, why not just use some Z-list celebrities? (“Team Caliendo selects [does John Madden voice … again]”)

Thanks to Kaduk and ‘Cooks’ for their help.