Jul 31

The Sports Bank.net: Jay Cutler is the antithesis of Johnny Manziel


The public face of Jay Cutler is so uninteresting and boring that we’ve created ways to make him interesting and compelling. Jay Cutler is certainly not the Punky QB Jim McMahon; or even Captain Neckbeard Kyle Orton. At least personality wise.

He never says anything that makes good copy, and most interviews of him are a huge waste of time. I didn’t write about the “not on the same page” garbage from Monday because it’s such a NON-STORY.

I know it’s hard to come up with good storylines when watching shuttle runs all day in training camp, but I doooooooooon’t caaaaaaarrreee about that soundbite. If Cutler says the Bears are “not all on the same page” a couple days before the season kicks off- then I would care.