Sep 08

The Sports Bank.net: Jay Cutler won’t become this generation’s Jeff George


There’s an idea floating amongst the NFL Punditocracy that Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler could be this generation’s answer to Jeff George. It’s an interesting comparison, as Jeff George was signed by the Bears in 2004; but never took the field. He’s also a local Midwest guy- drafted #1 overall by his hometown Indianapolis Colts in 1990 out of Illinois.

Jeff George hahttp://sportsjabber.net/forums/sjforums/showthread.php?t=135830d a distinguished college football career with the Illini; transferring to Champaign from Purdue, and that’s something you never see today, transfers within the same conference. It’s also fortuitous, as Jeff George signed with 7 different teams during his 13 year career.

He just never completely gelled with coaches, coordinators, teammates etc. Jeff George couldn’t find the right fit; anywhere. With Jay Cutler, he’s only changed teams once, but he certainly has had plenty of different coordinators. The two are alike in a few other ways too.\