Dec 10

TROY: Josh McCown, Winning in the NFL and Prisoners of the Moment


Chicago, Illinois is chock full of airheads. Not the entire city, but at least half, are saying they’d take Josh McCown over Jay Cutler because of the rhythm he’s been in, the chemistry he has with his teammates and the way the city’s pro football team, the Bears, manhandled the Dallas Cowboys on the national football stage that is Monday Night Football last night.

To quote “Y2J”, Chris Jericho, can you pleeeeeeease shut… the hell… up?! I guess when your city’s professional sports franchises never win anything worth a damn, you get a little cranky (I heard they recently won some big championship, but I can’t remember in which/what irrelevant sport that was in, heh).

McCown is 34-years-old and has been on seven NFL teams. Has a dismal record as a starter. Yep, sounds like a true winner. The truth: he’s a perennial backup quarterback, and that’s alright, but he’s not better than the injured Jay Cutler.

Do you Chicago folks realize that your city’s nickname is the “Windy City” for a reason?

Do you also realize that Jay Cutler arguably has the strongest arm in the league? Wouldn’t you want a guy that can throw passes into the wind as your starting quarterback?

How about the ultimate realization that the Dallas Cowboys’ defense has allowed four or five quarterbacks to throw for 400 yards on them this season? They aren’t exactly putting the Doomsday Defense from the 1970s out on the field.



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