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Giving Christmas 2015


I know it is August and that means the last thing you are likely thinking about right now is Christmas, but every year hundreds of charities start work for the holiday season at this time. This year SJ has the pleasure of sponsoring one of those awesome charities!

We’d like to help these guys reach their goal of providing a happy Christmas to 100 children. They have been working very hard to bring smles to the young faces of our community for several years now and this year their goals are even higher!

The Patton family is very near and dear to my heart and they have helped my family in the past. They are amazing people. I have known them for over a year now and really believe in this cause. So members, keep reading this post and follow the link to the GoFund page and do what you can. Let’s see if we can’t help the Pattons give these needy kids a wonderful Christmas!!!



Our mission is to Give Christmas to families in need, so that they may know that they are loved and have hope for tomorrow.

“We love because He loved first”

Our Story

5 years ago my family of 5 moved out of a motel we lived in for 2 years. Like most families living there, we all stayed in a 2 bedroom suite that was a total of 575 square feet of living space. We were living paycheck to paycheck, and when Christmas rolled around we didn’t know if we would be able to purchase gifts for our children. A few days before Christmas someone dropped off presents*for all the kids that lived at the motel. It brought so much joy to all of the children, most of which were sure they wouldn’t be receiving anything.*Since we moved out, it has been a tradition of ours*to Give*Christmas to*families in need.*

How it started

After moving out of the motel, my husband and I were working as much as we could at Joe’s Crab Shack to take care of our family. A few days before Christmas I was working a “big top” and a single table. The man at my table could see that the large table was taking most of my time, but was very patient and friendly. In between drinks and food I was able to talk with him about his family and mine. He left me $10 , then headed out. No more than 10 minutes later, I turned around and there he was again. He gave me a hug, put something in the side of my apron, and told me have a Merry Christmas. I reached into my apron and pulled out $800. I was so overwhelmed by his genousity that God had called him to. I couldn’t stop crying. He had given me more than enough money to help my family catch up on our bills. After praying about what we should do with the money we had left over, we*used the money to buy presents for the families living at the motel, so we could pass on the blessing that God had giving us and His love.

How You Can Help

You can help by donating time, supplies, or cash donation.

We will need some extra hands serving the children and getting things ready for the Christmas Party. (Date to be determined)

The school we are helping is in need of Kleenex, Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer, dry erase marker, and folders with brads. *Any supplies are greatly appreciated

Your cash donation will be used to purchase:
School Supplies
Food and Crafts for Christmas Party


We*want to thank you for your support and prayers in our goal of bring Christmas to the families this year!



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