Mar 01

Sports Clubs_ The SJ Guide to Finding Sponsorship


Need money for your sports group? Stressed about how to pay the bills? Here are some ideas to get sponsorship.

My kids played in travel leagues, both in soccer and fast pitch and this can get expensive. The costs add up quick, and it can sometimes be a burden to the family.

Sponsorship is a good solution.

Sponsorship for your youth sports team or group means getting money or donations of goods or services from large companies, or local small businesses. In return, your team provides the sponsor with marketing value like adding their logo to your jerseys, having a banner at your stadium, including them on your printed materials, or by promoting them in other ways.

Finding sponsors is not always easy. It can take some time and patience. Here are some tips I came up with:

1. The easiest way is to assign a designated volunteer to handle this all. It shouldn’t be any of the coaches.The best time to do this is in the offseason. That way when the season starts it’s already to go. Look for sponsors that compliment your team in a positive way.

2. When looking for potential sponsors, don’t limit your search to just local business, be ambitious as you will be surprised at what organizations will be willing to sponsor you. Corporate America often is very generous with these kinds of things. (Some ideas…Gatorade,

Nike, Pepsi) One example of great sponsorship is the Mansion Group and their association with

Crystal Palace and Bournemouth.
Mansion Group has few brands like Mansion Casino, Casino.com and Slots Heaven.

3. Come up with a sponsorship package. By this I mean maybe some photos of the team at events, or games, in their uniforms. I think people are more apt to give if they can associate faces to their donation. Share your goals, and your mission.

4. Show them a breakdown of where their money is going and what their money will get them. Break down the travel expenses, league fees, etc Here is a cute idea.


5. Make sure you get in writing or follow up on it in a timely matter. Sometimes people will agree and honestly forget. So stay on them. Sending a thank you card from the team with a reminderis a nice touch.

6. Send them articles, scores, throughout the season. It keeps them involved and will hopefully ensurea continued partnership for future seasons. Post a team Facebook or twitter and invite them to follow and mention your sponsors often.

7. See what you can do for them. For example…maybe it’s a car lot and they are having a big sale. Maybe the team can be there in uniform helping out.

Hope this all helps a little. If done right it can be a really rewarding experience for all involved. Really the sky is the limit and this is just meant as a starting point.

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