Aug 01

Will The Windians Make the World Series?


Over a million Clevelanders crammed into downtown for the Cavs parade, celebrating something the they knew very little about: a title. It was an unrecognizable scene inside a city well-studied in sporting pain, where a drive here, a seeing-eye single there and “The Shot” once added up to 147 seasons passed without a championship.

Now the Cavaliers, their city, their fans are finally winners, and judging by the enthusiasm of the folks soaking up the Forest City sun, more regular opportunities to express championship exhilaration would be welcome.

Now there is a growing buzz that maybe, just maybe this is the year of the Tribe. There are no sure things, like roulette.

Of course, the lovable losing Cubs, who’ve gone over a century without a World Series win, own the crown jewel of all North American title droughts. Yet since the Red and White Sox broke through in 2004 and 2005, the Tribe’s healthy, but less-celebrated 68-year ring-less streak runs a strong second.

A Cubs/Inidians world series? Time will tell.