Sep 12

Week 2 – SJ Top 10 – How Do You Have Them Ranked?


1. Alabama – No dispute here. They played amazing, even if they did play an over-ranked USC squad. Seems like everyone but the pollsters knew USC was a year away from being a highly ranked team. ‘Bama proced it.

2. Florida State – Not sure why people see Clemson at number two, but after watching the game last night, it was pretty clear as to the team which seemed closest to Alabama was. They fought through adversity, and then dominated the rest of the game with three minutes left in the second quarter. Ole Miss is a pretty good team, and is a team to reckon with.

3. Houston – If you’ve read my posts involving Houston, you know that I really like them as a team, but don’t let that creep in as bias towards my ranking. They played the game of the weekend in my opinion, and could give the Playoff Committee something to struggle with if they have decisive wins throughout the season.

4. Clemson – I think they believe their own hype just a little too much. They didn’t seem to have the killer instinct with Auburn, and allowed them to stay in the game for much too long. I don’t see them as a number two team in the country at this point. Doesn’t mean they aren’t, but they don’t deserve to be ranked higher than number four.

5. Wisconsin – Damn, do I hate the Badgers, but they were the fifth best team to win their game on opening weekend. Defensively, they were excellent, and they held the Heisman Trophy front-runner below his average rushing total. Are they likely to remain in this spot? They have a really tough schedule this season, and I don’t expect them to hang around. I’m not even sure if they could have beaten Ole Miss or Notre Dame this week, either.

6. Texas- I figured they’d be better, but they really showed that they may have the talent and heart to be a pretty special team, and return to the top of the Big 12.

At this point, the rest of the top 10 look equali-ish compared to their opponents

7. Georgia
8. Ohio State
9. Stanford
10. Michigan

Ready to jump into the Top 10…

Notre Dame
Ole Miss
Texas A&M


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