Sep 30

Are the WINdians All In?


Quite a year to be a cleveland sports fan. First, the Cavs winning the championship. A parade of a million people. Then a quiet chant of…”are the Indians next?”  Facebook pages were started in the name of the Tribe being champs. Would we jinx them?

No. If anything they rose to the occasion.

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The cubs were off to a historic start this season, despite crashing and burning a few times midseason. The have since distinguished themselves as the best team in baseball. The Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908, even worse than the Indians’ 68-year title drought.

On the American league side of things, the pesky Rangers remain a force to be taken seriously. With only a few games left, they have peaked at the right time.

The Red Sox may not be the best team in baseball right now but they are definitely the hottest. This team just has a ton of experience and depth. Will it be Big Papi’s last hurrah?

The Blue Jays have an outside chance of making it with their team of possible Cy Young and MVP winners.

Where do the Indians fit in? We have the 6th lowest ERA in baseball. Clinching the division this week raised everyone’s hopes. We still have a chance of securing home team advantage. Our biggest concern right now is injuries. Carrasco and Salazar were already banged up before Kluber left the game Thurs. The team Francona is coaching now isn’t the team that got him to the playoffs. The biggest concern right now is to enter the playoffs healthy.  And be ready to face the probable Red Sox.  Right now we are running out of guys to put in the lineup.

Despite it all, Cleveland fans are hopeful. It will be our first playoff run since 2013, when we entered the race as a wildcard. This team is different as far as talent and productivity. It’s just going to be getting our best players back in the line up.

Cleveland fans haven’t looked back since June. It’s slowing becoming a reality and the Cavs euphoria from the spring is slowly coming back to life. Tickets are already on sale and games One and Two are already sold out. Game One will be Thurs, Oct 7th, against either the Red Sox or Rangers.

The Cubs will start to feel the pressure. Each series will tighten that grip a little tighter. Will they cave?

The important thing in all of this is that the Indians did not put themselves in a position to have to win the World Series in 2016.  Sure they want to win it and they should win it, but if they happen to lose, it’s almost like the Cavs of 2015. One season away from greatness. And they are set up with talent to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.  You can’t ask for more than that.

Will the Indians win the Series?  One thing we have now is hope. So why not?