Feb 03

BTB: 2017 BTB Mock Draft Challenge: Pre-Combine Edition


Time for some mock draft fun. Submit your mock and have it voted on by your fellow BTB members. But wait, there are rules!

For the seventh year in a row, BTB is hosting a Mock Draft Challenge in late January/early February. And if the previous six years have taught us anything, it’s that this early in the year, nobody has a clue what the Cowboys will do in the draft. Our collective track record at predicting the Cowboys’ first-round pick this early in the year is a complete disgrace.

  • In our 2011 challenge, only one BTB member correctly picked the Cowboys’ first-round pick, Tyron Smith. In 2012 only one participant correctly predicted Morris Claiborne as the Cowboys’ first-round pick. In 2013, only two of the 100 different mocks submitted had Travis Frederick going to the Cowboys.
  • In 2014, not a single one of the 120 submitted mock drafts had Zack Martin going to the Cowboys. In 2015, only one mock listed Byron Jones, but only as a priority free agent target.
  • Last year, 13 of 56 mocks got Ezekiel Elliott right, but that probably had more to do with the limited choices at No. 4 than with any type of prophetic ability by our community.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun trying to guess what this year’s draft could look like.

The challenge this year is the same as in the previous years: create a mock draft based on the latest CBSSports Big Board and submit it for a peer review by your fellow Blogging The Boys community members. The BTB community will hand out recommendations for those mocks they like the most and I will feature the top vote-getters and their mocks in a subsequent front-page post.

But wait. You can’t just pick whatever players you like, that would not make this a challenging exercise. The idea here is that you’ll have to make choices based on the best player available, so these are the rules for our Mock Draft Challenge: