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Apr 20

Suicide During Appeal, Hernandez Now Technically No Longer Convicted Murderer


Aaron Hernandez’s suicide in his jail cell this morning was so unexpected, many are scratching their heads wondering what could possibly be the motive. A technicality within the legal system may just provide the only reasonable explanation for why Hernandez would take his own life following an acquittal of his double murder and a subsequent …

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Aug 02

Aaron Hernandez proclaims his innocence in jailhouse letter

TMZ got their hands on a letter written in jail by Aaron Hernandez to a fan. In the letter, Hernandez proclaims his innocence and states that he can’t wait to prove “all the haters an da talkers WRONG.” He also asks the fan to keep the letter off of social media, but as we all …

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Jul 12

The Sports Bank.net: Carlos Ortiz: key player in Aaron Hernandez murder case


The next name becoming household in the Aaron Hernandez saga is Carlos Ortiz. He seems to be the second most “person of interest” in this case right after Aaron Hernandez. Oh, he has quite the narcotics record too. According to court documents released Tuesday, Carlos Ortiz told police that Ernest Wallace, a second alleged accomplice, …

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Jul 11

The Sports Bank.net: More Patriots players in legal trouble; Alfonzo Dennard DUI


At this point the New England Patriots should change their team colors from red, white, blue and silver to…orange jumpsuits. If this keeps going, more Patriots will be wearing prison uniforms than NFL uniforms soon enough. Patriots cornerback Alfonzo Dennard was arrested for DUI Thursday in Nebraska while already on probation for assaulting a police …

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Jul 09

Dez Bryant Will Not Become Aaron Hernandez


I subscribe to Dez Bryant. I believe in him. Strongly. Schemes will not stop Dez Bryant. Nor will defensive backs or coordinators. The only thing that can stop Dez Bryant are the 10 yards in front of him. And at this time, I feel pretty good he can handle that much. Dez Bryant’s future rests …

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Jun 27

Carla The Viking: NFL OT: More Hernandez

According to Adam Schefter on Twitter, “Boston PD has located red SUV it was looking for as identified in July 2012 homicide. Aaron Hernandez rented it.” I’m going to call Hernandez preeeetty much screwed out of ever seeing outside prison walls again, let alone playing any football. Frankly, I’m disgusted.  Now it’s coming out that …

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Jun 26

Carla The Viking: NFL Off-Topic

Also a quick note to say how terribly disappointed I am in Aaron Hernandez.  I fully believe that one is innocent until proven guilty, but it is not looking good for his innocence right now.  As a Florida Gator, and a football fan in general I’m devastated.  It’s bad for the Gator Nation, and really …

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Jun 26

Pats Hernandez Arrested


BOSTON (Reuters) – New England Patriots football player Aaron Hernandez was arrested on Wednesday, according to local media reports. He had been questioned and his house searched in connection with an investigation into the shooting death of a young man found less than a mile from the star tight end’s sprawling home in North Attleborough, …

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Jun 21

NFL Gossip


Quick post on the noise around the NFL this week: Biggest story of course, is Aaron Hernandez.  I’m so ticked off at him!  He’s a fantastic player, I don’t remember him getting in trouble as a Gator (although this story of him shooting some idiot in a Floridian nightclub has come up awfully conveniently, no?) …

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Aug 28

Aaron Hernandez gets new contract, donates money to Myra Kraft foundation


In the offseason, there was a lot of attention on a certain New England Patriots TE. Rob Gronkowski had taken the league by storm and was making headlines in other ways off the field. He got a new contract, and now his fellow TE in New England also signed a new contract. The Patriots signed …

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