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Jul 18

Australians in the NBA: can they help the Boomers perform well at the Olympics?


Without a doubt, basketball is growing in Australia and it is only a matter of time before it blossoms into one of the country’s most popular sports. In fact, there are now a number of Aussies who feature in the NBA – a statistic that confirms just how big it’s becoming Down Under. The Boomers announced their …

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Jul 18

So Now We Have Headbutting At The Tour de France


I know you’re trying your best to ignore the Tour de France, but the Tour de France just aint having it. Every time you think you can turn away from it, something else happens to reel you back in. First, it was the stray dog on the course. Then, it was a cyclist trying to hit another cyclist with one of the wheels from his bicycle. And today? A headbutt. Yes, a headbutt.