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Nov 22

Cowboys are Closing Gap on Patriots as the Super Bowl Faves in Vegas


When Jay Rood who is vice president of race & sports for the MGM did review his book’s odds after winning the Super Bowl on the Sunday afternoon, this was something that many had not thought was going to happen. It was a shock in the history for the Dallas Cowboys as the favorites – …

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Oct 19

Belichick intimidates other coaches

New England Patriots v Indianapolis Colts

INDIANAPOLIS – In a league home to J.J. Watt, Ndamukong Suh and others capable of considerable violence, the most intimidating figure is a 63-year-old who likes to cut the sleeves off his sweatshirts, although not because of an over abundance of muscles. “Short arms,” Bill Belichick said of the fashion alteration. http://forums.sportsjabber.net/sjforums/showthread.php?p=572899#post572899

Aug 31

Tim Tebow cut by Patriots as QB failed to take advantage of great opportunity

Last spring, after being dumped by his second NFL team (the New York Jets this time, the Denver Broncos previously), Tim Tebow sat unclaimed on the unrestricted free-agent heap. No one wanted him. Then in June, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots took a flyer on the former Heisman winner from Florida. This was …

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Jun 10

Rant Sports: New England Patriots Signing Tim Tebow is a Publicity Stunt


The New England Patriots surprised no one on Monday when they signed free agent quarterback Tim Tebow, who was waived by the New York Jets last month. After Wes Welker split town, Brandon Lloyd wasn’t re-signed and Rob Gronkowski had his fifth surgery in two years, the team lost a lot of star power. So …

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Oct 21

Patriots rally back to beat Jets 29-26 in overtime

New York Jets v New England Patriots

The Patriots were the biggest favorite of Week Seven and it looked like they might also go down as the biggest upset victim. After a listless offensive effort throughout the game and a defensive performance that allowed the Jets to score 13 straight fourth quarter points to grab a 26-23 lead, Tom Brady was able …

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Sep 24

Bill Belichick grabs official after Patriots fall to Ravens


Everyone’s favorite Napoleon complex-stricken NFL coach, Bill Belichick, was at it again on Sunday night as his mounting frustration toward the NFL replacement officials finally boiled over in a pathetic post-game display of misguided anger. In a heated battle that was chippy from the opening whistle, the Patriots found themselves winning by two scores for …

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Sep 14

Tilly042′s Five On Friday (Cardinals vs. Pats)

Darnell Dockett

(5 Game Keys) 1.With Skelton out- Kolb needs to play the whole game like he did the final drive versus The Seachickens. 2.Defense needs to somehow cover all the weapons on the Pats- Welker, Ridley, Gronk, Hernandez. 3.Rattle the “toughest metrosexual” and he will make mistakes. 4.GET.THE. BALL. TO. FITZGERALD 5.Pray we don’t get blown …

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May 16

Cries from the Crowd: Forbes releases Top 10 highest paid coaches list


Whether or not every fan may realize it, coaches are important and are an important part to a championship team. We don’t always know how much a coach is coming on for, but now thanks to Forbes we have the 10 highest paid coaches in all of the sports. 8 of the 10 come from …

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Feb 05

Super Bowl Eve Musings


Ah, tomorrow… it’s all very so ironic, isn’t it? My last post was about the Tom Petty song “Runnin’ Down a Dream” and about how it reminds me of Super Bowl XLII. Here we are, about three months after that post was written, and the grand rematch of 2008 will be going down tomorrow evening.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick[...]

Jan 23

Redemption or Repeat: A Look at Super Bowl XLVI Between the Giants and Patriots


Sports Reviews

Well, it didn’t take too long for the Tom Brady vs. Eli Manning rematch that some people were hoping for. It was February 3, 2008 when quarterback Eli Manning and the New York Giants strolled into Arizona for Super Bowl XLII. Their opponent: the 18-0 New England Patriots led by quarterback Tom Brady. The favorite: the Patriots by 12 points. The outcome: An unbelievable drive led by Manning [...]

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