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Feb 28

The Sports Bank.net: What Will the Jay Cutler Legacy in Chicago Be When He’s Gone?


Recently, there have been numerous reports that the Chicago Bears are aggressively shopping Jay Cutler. In a way that’s not really news as the Bears tried to move him on NFL Draft day a couple years, reportedly to the Tennessee Titans, who supposedly ended up not quite interested enough to take him. In the latest …

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Nov 10

Rumors & Rants: Jay Cutler surpasses Sid Luckman in Bears record book


For the vast majority of NFL teams, “the greatest quarterback in franchise history” played sometime within the last 30 years. The passing game has advanced leaps and bounds in that era, so it makes sense. There are exceptions, of course — you could argue that the Cowboys and Steelers have to go back to the …

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Dec 10

TROY: Josh McCown, Winning in the NFL and Prisoners of the Moment


Chicago, Illinois is chock full of airheads. Not the entire city, but at least half, are saying they’d take Josh McCown over Jay Cutler because of the rhythm he’s been in, the chemistry he has with his teammates and the way the city’s pro football team, the Bears, manhandled the Dallas Cowboys on the national …

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Nov 18

No Guts, No Glory: Josh McCown is the quintessential backup quarterback


While other teams are falling out of the playoff race because they are force to play their backup quarterback, the Chicago Bears remain steady. At 6-4, the Bears are tied for the NFC North division lead and are in the hunt for a Wildcard berth if a division title isn’t in the cards. A big …

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Sep 08

The Sports Bank.net: Jay Cutler won’t become this generation’s Jeff George

There’s an idea floating amongst the NFL Punditocracy that Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler could be this generation’s answer to Jeff George. It’s an interesting comparison, as Jeff George was signed by the Bears in 2004; but never took the field. He’s also a local Midwest guy- drafted #1 overall by his hometown Indianapolis Colts …

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Aug 11

The Sports Bank.net: Exclusive: Witness to Jay Cutler DON’T CARE story talks Monday

I tracked down an actual eye witness to the infamous Jay Cutler “DON’T CARE” bathroom incident. And I have his account in hand. Of course, today is a Sunday, and that’s a very slow traffic day. So it’ll have to wait for Monday. What time Monday? The hour when most people are opening their inboxes, …

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Jul 31

The Sports Bank.net: Jay Cutler is the antithesis of Johnny Manziel

The public face of Jay Cutler is so uninteresting and boring that we’ve created ways to make him interesting and compelling. Jay Cutler is certainly not the Punky QB Jim McMahon; or even Captain Neckbeard Kyle Orton. At least personality wise. He never says anything that makes good copy, and most interviews of him are …

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Dec 18

Cutler Needs to Step Up Or Move Aside


The Chicago Bears may be looking for a new quarterback in the offseason after Jay Cutler once again performed below expectations in his side’s 21-13 defeat to Green Bay last weekend. Cutler made the sports betting news by being sacked four times, and threw a game-losing pass straight to the Packers defence. He has been …

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Nov 04

Bears destroy Titans in every way imaginable

Chicago Bears v Tennessee Titans

The Bears improved to 7-1 with a complete and thorough demolition of the Titans, finishing with a 51-20 margin. It was 28-2 in the first quarter, and it didn’t get any more interesting the rest of the day. The Bears forced five turnovers, and scored on an interception return and a blocked punt. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/category/rumor-mill/

Oct 23

Charles Tillman and Bears’ D shut down Calvin Johnson and Detroit


Lions receiver Calvin Johnson entered Monday night’s game in Chicago averaging 112 receiving yards a game. Then he went up against Bears cornerback Charles Tillman. The result was a bad game for Johnson, who caught just three of the 11 passes thrown to him, for 34 yards, and a bad game for the Lions’ offense. …

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