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Mar 23

Rumors & Rants: Baseball Diplomacy: Hope Comes to Cuba Amid Painful History


When Richard Yates’*Revolutionary Road was published in 1961, many critics and readers dismissed it as yet another indictment of the American suburbs, a theme which even then had become trite (amazing how some things don’t change). For years, the best book of Yates’ career was essentially ignored, isolated to a corner of the literary community. …

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Mar 18

10 Friday Questions 3/18


1. What is one thing you find yourself complaining about the most? 2. What was the last thing you ate for dinner? 3. Describe your favorite tshirt: 4. How many trips a week do you make to the grocery store? 5. Got any vacations planned for this year? If so where? 6. If you could …

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Jul 14

MLB’s Franchise Four


Some of the best to ever play the game joined the festivities for the 86th Major League Baseball All-Star Game on Tuesday at Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park. I think it was a nice touch to add interest to a game a lot of folks have stopped watching with any real kind of interest. I …

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Feb 25

Who Is The Face of Major League Baseball


Who is the face of Major League Baseball? When posed to any other sport today it is a question that is rather quickly solved. NBA? LeBron James. NFL? Peyton Manning. NHL? Sidney Crosby. Boxing? Floyd Mayweather. Soccer? Cristiano Ronaldo. Even faux sports like WWE it’s easy with John Cena. There is a guy to run …

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Jun 01

The Sports Bank.net: 2014 MLB Draft Preview with Cubs Den


  The 2014 MLB Draft commences on Thursday! Also known in Chicago as the second most important day of the baseball season (trading deadline is first). The White Sox will pick third in the 2014 MLB Draft, the Cubs hold the fourth selection. John Arguello,*founder of Cubs Den on Chicago Now*is here to get you …

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May 25

The Sports Bank.net: Manny Ramirez joins Cubs AAA affiliate as player/coach


Manny Ramirez has made his imprint with many Major League Baseball organizations: the Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, L.A. Dodgers, even the Chicago White Sox toward the tail end of his career. Now he can include the Chicago Cubs on that list. Here’s an excerpt from a statement sent out by the Chicago Cubs just …

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Sep 01

VenomStrikes.com: On This Date In D-Backs History: Stephen Drew Hits For The Cycle


Five years ago today, the Arizona Diamondbacks defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 8-6. The game, however, is a memorable one because of Stephen Drew. The former D-Back shortstop recorded five hits in the game, hitting for the cycle in the process. It was the first cycle ever at Chase Field. He was the fourth player …

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Jul 13

MLB Midseason Predictions: Get your swami hats on and predict the outcomes of this season


Who will win each division? Who will the Cy Young Winners be? Who will be Manager of the Year? Rook of the Year? We want to hear what you think. Season is halfway over, don’t miss another minute of baseball jabber. http://forums.sportsjabber.net/sjforums/forumdisplay.php?f=62

Jun 04

LewPBlog:Cardinals take over No. 1 spot


ESPN.com Power Rankings Fresh Take Week 10 After being No. 2 in each of the past two weeks, the St. Louis Cardinals grabbed the top spot for Week 10. The Texas Rangers fall to the second spot, while the Cincinnati Reds*remain*in the No. 3 position for the third week in a row. The Boston Red …

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May 21

LewPBlog:Every MLB Team Will Wear Camouflage On Memorial Day, Do you think it’s a proper move?


Memorial Day is next Monday, and there will be 16 MLB games. That means that every team is playing (and there’s a doubleheader)! Reportedly, they’ll all be wearing camouflage uniforms. At first glance, this sounds great! Right? Well, Paul Lukas of Uni-Watch disagrees, quite strongly. Memorial Day is not a day for celebrating the military. …

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