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Jul 05

Puck Daddy: Wayne Gretzky to own NHL Seattle franchise? Agent denies report


Wayne Gretzky is going to get back into the NHL in some capacity, and one expects it’s going to be in a grandiose way. He’s not the guy who hands out an award he invented in Vegas every June; he’s the guy who runs the team that contends for the Stanley Cup that month. At …

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Feb 21

The Sports Bank.net: Paulina Gretzky’s breasts make headlines again (photos)


Paulina Gretzky is the new Paris Hilton: extremely rich kid famous for doing absolutely nothing. Paulina Gretzky even shares the failed acting/music career of Hilton. And they even kind of look alike in some pictures. Paulina Gretzky is famous for…..putting some skanky pictures up on Instagram and Twitter, and having them go viral. Paulina Gretzky …

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Nov 01

The Sports Bank.net: Paulina Gretzky’s Halloween costume (pics)


Paulina Gretzky scored a television hit with her song “Collecting Dust” when it was featured on MTV’s Laguna Beach. The oldest child of “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky, known as quite the party girl, has frequently posted photos of herself drinking alcohol and wearing next to nothing. Quite common for a* 22-year-old girl, but not …

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Aug 02

Paulina Gretzky has the number 99 tattooed on her pelvis (VIDEO)


You may have heard of Paulina Gretzky, the daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky who has risen to fame by being a) an attractive female and b) just slightly sports-related enough to appear on blogs such as this one. Gretzky*recently sat down with Complex magazine to discuss censoring herself (which is apparently something she does), …

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Apr 30

Paulina Gretzky, Daughter of Wayne Gretzky’s risque Vegas Vacation Pics


Paulina Gretzky, daughter of “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky, is making waves on Twitter again this week. The gorgeous Paulina, known as quite the party girl, frequently posts photos of herself drinking alcohol and wearing next to nothing. Quite common for a 22-year-old girl, but not most 22 year old girls aren’t [...]

Nov 19

Wayne Gretzky, Toronto Maple Leafs ownership window dressing


So someone asked Wayne Gretzky if he’d like to be part of a massive conglomerate of 1-Percenters trying to buy the Toronto Maple Leafs (and the rest of the MLSE empire.) We can only imagine how this news has affected your daily routine, from nutrition to bathroom habits to potential sleep deprivation from over-exuberance. Or, perhaps, this is your classic [...]