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Aug 21

Yasiel Puig’s Tardiness Shouldn’t be Cause for Los Angeles Dodgers’ Concern Yet

Just when it seemed like things just couldn’t get any better for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Yasiel Puig proved he’s not completely perfect. It’s not exactly trouble in paradise, but Puig showed up half an our late for L.A.’s game against the Miami Marlins on Tuesday and was fined by the team. Puig also didn’t …

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Jul 14

Yasiel Puig Should be an All-Star, Weidman/Silva II and Poorly Executed Fish Oil Studies


Yasiel Puig’s absence from the National League all-star roster is a travesty. The guy should be an all-star. I mean, he only had the best rookie debut (in a single month) since Joe DiMaggio, but his disregarded presence in a game that’s become a circlejerking, dickstroking contest depicts why baseball will continue to fail and …

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Jun 14

VenomStrikes.com: These Suspensions Don’t Make Any Sense!


The suspensions were finally handed out today for the melee that occurred at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday. Over the last two days, I have been giving out “mock suspensions” in my head on what I thought might be the outcome. I was way off! Ian Kennedy has been suspended 10 games, which makes sense because …

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