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Jan 06

Cliff Eastham: MLB Hall of Fame Voting 2011: Top Five Surprises


It is easy to second-guess or to cry “foul” at the Hall of Fame voting done by the Baseball Writers Association of America.

At least this year they did pick the correct winners. Everybody knew it was only a matter of time before Roberto Alomar punched his ticket. He would probably have been a first-ballot man had it not been for the spitting incident.

Nov 13

Cincinnati Reds Force Me to Play “What if?” All Winter


Now that the playoffs and World Series are over, it is time for baseball fans to either choose the NFL or the NBA, or dwell on the “what if?” scenarios.

Since professional football players have now become entrenched in a kill-or-be-killed mentality I must confess to all sports fans that I have not watched an entire quarter of football yet this fall.[...]

Sep 20

Cinncinnati Reds Fans: The NL Central Leaders Should Remember the ’64


“It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.” Who said that? Was it Yogi Berra?

There is so much truth in those six words.

Ask Mike Weaver who knocked out Heavyweight champion John Tate (may he rest in peace) with seconds to go in the fight after trailing badly on all score cards.

Sep 13

Cincinnati Reds: Is Francisco Cordero the Best Reliever You Have?


By the grace of God, the Reds won the series against the Pittsburgh Pirates, instead of losing it 2-1.

Out of 16 pitchers on the roster, is Coco Cordero the only one who can be entrusted to close a game?

If so, we should just hand the Central [...]

Sep 09

Joey Votto’s Cincinnati Reds: Contenders or Pretenders in the NL Central


With the season winding down to a merciful end, the Reds are faced with a few hard questions. The starting pitching has not been getting it done as of late, and that becomes a huge concern. In the three games thus far in the series with the Colorado Rockies, the starters are only giving an …

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Sep 03

Cincinnati Reds: Do Joey Votto, Aroldis Chapman Make Them the Best Tea


Are the Cincinnati Reds the best team in baseball? Valid arguments could be made against it, but they are the hottest. Since the All-Star break they are 29-14, going 21-8 through the month of August, the best record in MLB. They never give up, winning 19 games in their last at-bat. Don’t turn the TV …

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Aug 22

Cincinnati Reds: Hottest Team In Baseball, Don’t Tinker With Success


Since the dreadful series against the St. Louis Cardinals, the Reds have reeled off six-straight wins, sweeping both the Florida Marlins and now the Arizona Diamondbacks. In doing this, they have become the hottest team in the major leagues. They are currently 19 games over .500 and have their biggest lead of the season in …

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Aug 08

St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds: Comparisons By Position


The Reds and Cards are in one of the longest running one and two pennant races in history. Neither team can really put substantial distance between themselves and the other.

Both squads have strong talent and deep rosters.

Let’s take a look at the way the teams stack up against each other, position by position.

Jul 27

MLB Trade Rumors: Why The Reds Need Lance Berkman


The Cincinnati Reds need a big bat in their lineup. Just a few weeks ago, they had four starters batting over .300. Out of those four, only Joey Votto remains above the high water mark.

Brandon Phillips, Scott Rolen and Jonnny Gomes have all cooled considerably since then. [...]

Jun 25

Stephen Strasburg: The Washington Nationals’ Next Bob Gibson Or Mark Fidrych?


Is Stephen Strasburg a good pitcher? Absolutely.

Isn’t his ERA Bob Gibson-ish? So far, so good.

Is he a great pitcher? It is too early to say.

Four starts, three of them quality starts, is not enough sampling to put a Cy Young crown on his head and begin preparation for his Cooperstown enshrinement. He has looked fantastic in his less-than-handful starts,

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