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Jul 17

The Learning Curve: How DeMaurice Smith Saved the Season


To be completely honest, I’ve just been waiting on a reason to use that picture of DeMaurice Smith ever since I saw it over at Yahoo. When you look like you’re trying to dress as smooth as he is, you really need to have a good reason for it or otherwise you’re going to come off looking a little over the top. But DeMaurice Smith knew that we didn’t and[...]

Jul 16

The Learning Curve: CM Punk: How We Got Here


This Sunday CM Punk is going back to his hometown of Chicago to face John Cena for the WWE championship in his last match for the promotion. In case you’ve missed it, CM Punk has been on fire as of late, even getting time on ESPN thanks to Jim Rome. Like he said on Monday Night Raw a few days ago, wrestling is being talked about mainstream and for once it isn’t about…

Jul 14

The Learning Curve: My Solution to the Problem That is Baseball’s All-Star Game


I know baseball doesn’t want to admit it and I certainly understand why, but man is it boring. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the sport, but in today’s world it just seems to drag on forever. With technology keeping everyone in touch with everyone and everything else all the time, we feel like there [...]

Jul 13

Yao Ming Deserves a Spot in the Hall of Fame


Reports first came out that Rockets center Yao Ming was going to be retiring from the NBA on July 8th. Though Ming and company have denied those reports, he has scheduled a press conference for the 20th to discuss his future as a basketball player. After numerous injuries throughout the past 6 years, it’s looking more and more likely that he’s going to be hanging up the high tops…

Jul 09

The Learning Curve: Ranking the NFL Divisions By Quarterback Talent


When it comes to football these days, it’s all about who you have under center. It’s become a passing league and for better or worse, the days of smash mouth football are over. Of course it’s better for the players health and safety, especially with all we’ve learned about concussions over just the last few years. Growing up a Bears fan, [...]

Jun 29

The NBA Lockout Looms


When July 1st hits it is looking more and more likely that the NBA owners will end up locking out the players. I wrote something last week about how I think it will end up getting worked up but this is about what is actually happening right now, not what I’m thinking and hoping will happen three or four months down the line. And what is happening right now is the owners are attempting to scare the players into giving in before the deadline by…

Jun 29

The Learning Curve: Hurry Back CM Punk


When you’re watching basketball, football, or wrestling, you watch for those “wow” moments. They don’t happen often but when they do, you know it when it’s happening. And last night on Raw whenever,

Jun 26

The Learning Curve: Why Derrick Rose Is Staying In Chicago


Now that the reigning NBA MVP resides in Chicago instead of Cleveland the Bulls fans have been hearing at the water coolers and on the message boards about how he’ll be the next hometown MVP to be leaving for greener pastures. The thought process is that the Bulls have committed so much money to Boozer/Noah/Deng that Rose will eventually want to go and play with other superstars like the[...]

Jun 23

The Learning Curve: Where Is The NFL At Again?


Now that summer has officially started, I find myself for the first time actually noticing that football isn’t gearing up to get started. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the NFL but apparently not as big of one as I thought. Honestly, I can say I’m shocked they haven’t managed to figure out a way to make $9 billion dollars go around yet as the toll the lockout is taking on the fans…

Jun 20

The Learning Curve: Remembering The Bias Brothers


As a father I wanted to write something special for this Father’s Day. At the same time, I had kept reading about how today was the 25th anniversary of Len Bias’ death. While I’m not old enough to remember watching the forward from Maryland fly through the air I have watched enough highlight clips…

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