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Name: Jeff Pearlman
Date registered: May 13, 2009
URL: http://www.jeffpearlman.com

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  1. Jeff Pearlman: Shame at Florida State — April 16, 2014
  2. Jeff Pearlman: The Day Before — March 3, 2014
  3. Jeff Pearlman: Michael Sam II — February 10, 2014
  4. Jeff Pearlman: The Sports Illustrated Library — February 6, 2014
  5. Jeff Pearlman: Nick Saban Should Go To Texas — December 12, 2013

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Apr 16

Jeff Pearlman: Shame at Florida State


Just read a truly depressing piece in today’s New York Times by Walt Bogdanich. It concerned*Jameis Winston, the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback at Florida State who, it seems, may well have raped a woman.  Why “it seems”? Because we’ll probably never know. According to the article (which was thorough and excellent), both Florida State University and …

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Mar 03

Jeff Pearlman: The Day Before


My book is coming out tomorrow. I’ve been here before—five times. And it’s always … weird. You devote more than two years of your life to a subject. You lock yourself in rooms, dig through piles upon piles of paper, chase interviews, chase more interviews, seek out miniscule nuggets of information. You put everything you …

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Feb 10

Jeff Pearlman: Michael Sam II


Just in case you think the world is fully prepared to embrace an openly gay NFL player … Here’s what I hope: That men like Benjamin Stolen (or whatever his real name) and Don Monroe (or whatever his real name is) and Kenny Haden (or whatever his real name is) apply for jobs. Jobs they …

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Feb 06

Jeff Pearlman: The Sports Illustrated Library


My favorite place in the world is the Sports Illustrated library. I’m not exaggerating. My favorite place isn’t Rome, it isn’t Paris, it isn’t New York or Los Angeles or San Diego or even my own house. No, it’s the moderately sized room in the Sports Illustrated offices. Why? Because the place is golden. For …

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Dec 12

Jeff Pearlman: Nick Saban Should Go To Texas


Tuscaloosa, Alabama website. Looks, eh, fun. If I’m Nick Saban, I’m taking the job at the University of Texas. I’m being 100-percent serious. In sports, we all talk about legacy. He’ll go down as the best coach ever! He’ll win 10 national championships! They’ll build a statue! On and on and on and on. But …

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Nov 05

Jeff Pearlman: I prefer my kids not play youth sports


  Way back in 1982, my brother signed up to play youth soccer. It was my parents’ idea. David was 12 at the time—painfully shy, socially awkward, owner of few friends. Mom and Dad thought joining a team might prove beneficial. So they enlisted him in the Mahopac Sports Association with hopes that the fresh …

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Jul 23

Jeff Pearlman: Good causes, good works

Six years ago I was sitting inside a hotel room when the wife called with awful news. Cindy Sherwin, the 33-year-old daughter of a family friend, had died suddenly of a brain aneurysm. I couldn’t believe it. No one could. In the coming days, I actually wrote this piece for ESPN.com about Cindy, and her …

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Jun 05

Jeff Pearlman: The Quaz Q&A: Steve Trachsel


Throughout my career as a sports writer, one thing that has always amazed me is how players spend so much time atop the world—then vanish. Oh, certain types always remain in our thoughts. Superstars, obviously. Those who die young. Those who make it big in another field. Murderers. Drug addicts. Generally, however, it’s a quick …

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Apr 30

Jeff Pearlman: Chris Broussard is embarrassing himself


Back during the Civil Rights era, certain ignorant tools became well known for their nonstop opposition of equality. Even today, a half-century later, the names roll off the tongue like chunks of bitter herbs. George Wallace. Bull Connor. Justice Jim Johnson. Strom Thurmond. Ross Barnett. On and on and on the list goes—men whose words …

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Apr 09

Jeff Pearlman: Rick Pitino want to take a trip


In the aftermath of his basketball team’s win over Michigan last night, Rick Pitino said he wanted to take his players to New Orleans for tonight’s women’s title matchup between Louisville and UConn. The NCAA, however, said no; that a school flying its players on such a trip violates multiple rules. This fascinates me. MORE…

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