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  2. Jeff Pearlman: ESPN troubles ? — May 9, 2015
  3. Jeff Pearlman: Macho Man — March 28, 2015
  4. Jeff Pearlman: My life as a college newspaper editor — March 18, 2015
  5. Jeff Pearlman: On Ferguson — November 25, 2014

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Aug 27

Jeff Pearlman: We are the bad guys


That’s me. With a Rainbow Records T-shirt and a bowl of Cheerios. I’m a bad guy. Wait. Maybe I’m not a bad guy today. I have a wife, two kids, a cool job, a beautiful life. But what if something sets me off? My neighbor kills my dog. A teacher makes my son feel like …

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May 09

Jeff Pearlman: ESPN troubles ?


It’s an interesting world. Woke up this morning to the news that Bill Simmons is leaving ESPN, after spending my hour of gym time last night watching SportsCenter and pretty much losing my mind. The two linked bonds? Simmons worked for ESPN, and ESPN feels … lost. It’s a weird thing. Until a few years …

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Mar 28

Jeff Pearlman: Macho Man

So this is sort of weird, but earlier today posted a profile of Randy (Macho Man) Savage by a writer named Justin Barrasso. And it was very well done, and is certainly worth your time. But as soon as I saw it I thought, “Um … what?” Because much of it concerns Savage’s early …

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Mar 18

Jeff Pearlman: My life as a college newspaper editor


I didn’t play lacrosse and I had no muscles. So why was I cocky enough to pose like this? Last night, while jumping around the information superhighway, I realized that The Review, my college newspaper, has most of its archives online. I proceeded to spend the next, oh, two hours digging in. The experience brought …

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Nov 25

Jeff Pearlman: On Ferguson


Just heard about the lack of an indictment in the Ferguson case. I’m sad, but also fearful. A few quick thoughts: A. I’d like to officially extend an invitation for a California vacation for those Ferguson residents who need to get away. We have a barbecue, a driveway basketball hoop and a spare bed. I …

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Oct 20

Jeff Pearlman: The Triumphant Return of Ski Cap McFuck ?


About a month ago, shortly after we moved out here to California, I wrote of Ski Cap McFuck, the asswipe from my gym. Well, tonight he returned. I know … I know—it’s generally not OK to photograph folks at the gym. I get it. I get it. But the world is filled with exceptions, and …

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Jul 18

Congrats. You’ve ended the lives of 298 people who had nothing to do with your stupid cause.


I would like to use this blog entry to congratulate the pro-Russia separatists who accidentally killed 298 people yesterday. Mazel-fucking-tov. You did it. Single-handedly, you did it. By (oops) accidentally firing a n SA-series missile at a passenger jet, as opposed to a military aircraft, you ended the lives of adults and children who had …

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Jul 16

Jeff Pearlman: Striking out on a softball


This morning, I Tweeted out a softball. By “softball,” I mean the above image, which has been making its way around right-wing e-mail chains. It doesn’t take a bleeding-heart liberal to realize the disturbing and disgusting nature of the message. It’s lily whiteness vs. savage blackness. And if you don’t see that … if you …

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Jul 14

Jeff Pearlman: Women in sports media: intelligence and talent lose out—yet again


A true professional. Just learned from this Richard Deitsch piece that Pam Oliver, the excellent, intelligent, informed Fox Sports NFL stalwart, will no longer serve as the network’s top sideline reporter. She has been replaced by Erin Andrews. Glub. Anyone who has worked in sports media long enough knows what this is. And it sucks. …

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Jul 02

Jeff Pearlman: Frank Cashen’s Best Move


In case you missed the news, Frank Cashen—the legendary New York Mets general manager—died yesterday at age 88. The New York Times ran this wonderful obituary. In the course of researching The Bad Guys Won, my book about the 1986 Mets, I sat down with Cashen and spoke for, oh, an hour or so. It …

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