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Jan 12

Who’s your No. 1 fantasy baseball pick?


Congrats to KFFL Baseball buddy Scott Gilroy for his correct guess of Justin Smoak in our final Guess The Sleeper contest. (Follow Scott. He knows his stuff.)

But … enough with the games. Let’s do this.

I’ve procured the No. 2 selection [...]

Jan 03

Chicago White Sox Trade Carlos Quentin to San Diego Padres


Sometimes when players are traded, they get all upset about where they end up and who they’ll miss. In Carlos Quentin’s case, he’s pretty excited. The Chicago White Sox traded the All-Star outfielder to his hometown San Diego Padres this weekend, and when he got the call he was conveniently already in town. This is …

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Apr 11

Early 2011 MLB Attendance Poor; $4 Gas Doesn’t Help


Anyone who watches Sportscenter on a nightly basis can plainly see that attendance is down thus far during the major league baseball season. While it is true that the game does have a few weather obstacles this time of year, this April’s drop off is especially unique. Bud Selig cannot control mother nature or change the dates of the Masters, but he can recommend[...]

Feb 20

Phillies Need Jimmy Rollins to Be Better at the Plate


Over the past two or three seasons, Jimmy Rollins has not been the guy at the plate the Philadelphia Phillies need him to be.

Instead of playing small-ball and just trying to get on base, Rollins has been acting like he’s a power-hitter and swinging for the fences every time he picks up the bat.
This has become evident not only [...]

Feb 14

A Terse Thought on Albert Pujols and Money


I’ve been reading a few rumors about Albert Pujols rejecting the St. Louis Cardinals’ offer to keep him in St. Louis.

If the rumors are true and he’s rejecting the deal, he can get the fuck out of dodge for all I care.

Why the cavalier attitude? Well, I’m not bitter, for one, although it sure does[...]

Aug 31

Manny Ramirez Changes Sox, Heads To Chicago


For the past week, the Chicago White Sox made no secret that they wanted Manny Ramirez to be their DH for the remainder of the season.
After some waiver formalities and some back and forth, yesterday they finally made it happen.
The White Sox acquired Ramirez yesterday on a straight waiver claim from [...]

Dec 22

Vazquez Returns to the Big Apple


Even though they were just nailed with $25.69 million in luxury taxes, the New York Yankees aren’t quite done spending. Braves righty Javier Vazquez was given back to New York Tuesday in a trade that sent centerfielder Melky Cabrera to Atlanta. The Yankees will also get tall drink of water Boone Logan while the Braves …

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Jul 30

Phillies Steal an Ace Away from the Indians

The Phillies have acquired, or rather stolen, Cleveland Indians ace Cliff Lee. In a 6-player deal, the Phillies have been able to acquire the pitching help that they have so desperately needed during this first half of the season. While the pitching, and the team as a whole, has gotten better in the second half, …

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