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Jul 28

“The Stack” 7-28-11


Hello everyone and welcome to today’s “The Stack” with me, Nathan Stacken. NFL free agency continues to be crazy and we’ll look at some of the bigger moves made by teams as well as other news in the sports world so let’s get right to it.

1. Big names moving as free agency continues

Jan 09

Looking Back, and Ahead For The Colts


Key Problems The Jets Exploited (aka. Reasons The Colts Lost)

* The Jets worked against Cornelius Brown in the passing game, as he was obviously unable to cover Santonio Holmes. He also struggled in zone against Braylon Edwards. If the Colts were healthy this season, Jacob Lacey would take up his role, and the Jets would of had a lot harder time passing [...]

Oct 07

Braylon Postmortem


So how about a little warning, Mangini? As I’m prattling away earlier about report cards and Dick Jauron, Eric Mangini and company go and pull off one of the most surprising trades in recent Browns history. Surprising in the sense of timing, more than anything. Certainly, it was becoming clear that Braylon Edwards was not …

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Jul 18

Browns Camp: Group Therapy Edition

As part of the NFL’s continuing mission to improve the public images of their players and to prevent further national embarrassment, the league has recently mandated group counseling sessions for all 32 teams. Although the NFL’s new wellness policy prohibits the release of confidential information based on these sessions, a Cleveland Reboot intern managed to sneak a rather cumbersome 1980’s style tape recorder and microphone into Shaun Smith’s buttocks. The following is a transcript of the session featuring several prominent Browns players.

Jul 01

Tuesday Round-Up: Grinding and Running Into the Ground Edition

As the last moments of June slowly fade away, some familiar feelings are starting to return to Browns fans…those of fleeting hope. Looking at the past several days’ worth of blog and newspaper articles, there seems to be an emphasis on feel good personal profiles and an endless array of idealistic possibilities.

Jun 18

As It Stands Again – Wide Receiver

The following is Part Three in a series profiling the most essential positions that will determine success for the Browns in 2009. So far, our focus has been on the defensive side of the ball, as Linebackers and Defensive Line ranked first and second in terms of importance. Today, Reboot shifts away from the backbone …

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